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Thank You for stopping by and browsing my site. I'd like you to know a bit more about me..... Teri! I have been an active exhibitor/breeder for over 20yrs. It began as a lark. I wanted a good quality dog for a pet. I had, over the years, taken several of our family pets through obedience training, solely for my pleasure. Having a dog become part of a family is not done my mere wishing... It "does" take some effort on our parts! ( OK .. no soapbox ! )

The dog I had purchased was from a show breeder and was a 6mos. old Keeshond named Billy. ...soon to become " Ch. Ashbrook's Sea Master ". His breeder talked me into going to a show with her and it just so happened to be a "Specialty" at Old Dominion ,Va. And she also "talked" me into showing him myself saying "he is showing better for you , Teri" ( Ever hear those words before ? :)


Well, believe it or not when the judge pointed to ME! everyone had to tell me I had just won with my dog. I was totally unaware and at that point...totally hooked!!!! That is how my show career began and it is still going strong today. Needless to say I no longer show Kees... even though I adore them still.. The grooming became difficult for me after 10yrs of showing them. I was most fortunate to have produced a National Best in Futurity winner, Hall of Fame titles and mulitple Best in Specialty winners as well as Champion titles.

I quietly searched for the breed that would allow me the pleasure of competition and also afford me the ease of care. During this search, my husband asked for us to look into a smaller house dog for him. This search led me to a great couple who had just what we were looking for, as well as what I was looking for. Since that meeting many years ago I have been showing Chinese Cresteds and produced 30+ AKC Champions.

 Not long after getting my first computer and learning how to search the net, I found during one of those searches a breed of hairless dog that I had not heard of before. I thought I knew them all but was quite surprised to find that not to be the case. My curiosity kept getting the better of me and I returned to "Sweet Lucy's" site over and over again until finally I emailed its owner. After many conversations I asked to see one of these dogs,expecting fully to not like it. After all... it had NO hair at all and not the "flash" of my cresteds.

Boy, was I in for a shock... I could not keep my eyes off the dog and wanted to feel it's wonderful skin nonstop! The "feel" of the skin was incredible. Nothing as I was accustomed to feeling with my dogs. It compares to that of soft suede and none of the obvious skin problems of other hairless breeds. WOW! And there !!!!You have the beginning of my intense desire to know more about this breed. From then on I was / am hooked on the American Hairless Terrier.

I am honored to have been involved with this enchanting breed prior to UKC recognition and  having assisted in it's acceptance with UKC as the then President of the American Hairless Terrier Club, remaing in the role of President as the club morphed into the American Hairless Rat Terrier Club and the now American Hairless Terrier Association,UKC Provisional Parent Club.

Working with UKC has been a breathe of fresh air. They are family oriented and believe strongly in the Total Dog concept offering many avenues for dogs to show what they were bred to do. If you have never been to a UKC event , may I suggest that you do. You will find the friendly helping attitude of both exhibitors and judges to be quite refreshing.  I've heard many times from first time UKC show goers how impressed they are with the smiles they see that are lacking at other shows. You can also see me inside the ring at times now as I am licensed with UKC to judge, including AE, APBT and TFT.  Stop by and say Hello !!



To learn more about our Club visit : http://www.ahta.info
To learn more about UKC visit: http://www.ukcdogs.com

Thanks for listening !

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