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Allergy Information
Experiences from AHT owners about their  DOGS having allergies (not the owners' allergies!)

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This information is a reprint of two posts from Wendy Simon to the AHT email list. Reprinted here with her permission.

Benny has had a rash on and off now for the past month at various degrees of severity. I notice when he plays outdoors he is worse..........in WI there are lots of grasses and pollens present at various times.............When he has an outfit on I notice his rash is generally worse on whatever areas aren't covered by the outfit such as his lower legs and his head. Also when I cover Benny with a fleece blanket he is worse...............heat will make the body more reactive
with their own histamines resulting in itching and sometimes rashes. I try not to dress or cover him too much and bathe him using an antibacterial/moisturizing soap when he is like this.

When Teddy and Sammy were little they were the same way. I agree with Sharon..........other causatives include...... .perfumes, detergents, soaps, change of foods, the types of treats and chews you give them (Teddy breaks out terribly from Greenies, Sammy from any kind of basted rawhide) , the clothing you put on them, carpet shampoos, the
couch/chair they lay on, the chemicals used on grass, etc.. When infants are developing their immunities they too will exhibit various rashes about their faces, necks, tummies and heinies...........I liken the younger (under one year of age) AHT's rashes to the infant type of rashes.

Also..........re: Nisa's post about Hooper's cough. My guys will have periods of coughing...........I truly believe this is
related to the weather here and all the allergens present. Generally I do nothing but for the times when they seem more bothered I give them a formula by Homeo-Pet called "Cough"..........it only takes a few doses and they stop. Available in most pet stores.

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Sammy and Teddy and my daughter's Sophie............all AHT's have each had at least one horrendous reaction to one sort of vaccination or another. We finally determined that when they had their reactions they had had multiple vaccinations at one time. Their reactions were life-threatening.

Since them I do not allow them to give them multiple vaccinations..........meaning.........they get their yearly vaccine at
least two weeks apart from any rabies shots (if they are due) and apart from any heartworm medication or any other kind of medication they might be taking at the time. We find too that the immunizations with the brand name of "Dodge" have worked best for us. I hope this helps...........


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