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  • Website Designer/Author: Kady Harrington of Deviant Red Web Design. This includes header and divider graphics, site layout, text editing and photo editing. Image editing and optimization done with Adobe Photoshop™ 7 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro™ 7. HTML and CSS coding done by hand and with the use of Dreamweaver™ MX.

  • Our webhosting is provided by VDeck

  • Wudnshu AHTs Logo used on index page and as border design is custom designed by Argostar artist Jeanne Flora. It may not be reproduced anywhere else without written permission.

  • The AHT clip art you see sprinkled about this website was done specifically for us on commission by Pup Lover's Graphics. They may not be used or reproduced without our written permission.

  • Clip art and similar images are credited on each page it is used when known.

  • Pop-up Window Generator script for our pedigrees provided by Smileycat

  • Thank you to the many AHT owners who submitted photos for our galleries and testimonials about their dogs!



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Website design and header graphics by:WUDNSHU. Wudnshu AHT Logo designed by Argostar.
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