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American Hairless Terriers

Meet the girls that have been part of Wudnshu's breeding program and now live elsewhere.

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Rainbow Bridge July 23, 1998 - April, 2000

CH. TCK's DeeDee Pickles @ Wudnshu

DeeDee is the FIRST American Hairless Champion (UKC), finishing her title as a Rat Terrier, Hairless. DeeDee also is the American Hairless Terrier breed representative in Bruce Fogle's New Encyclopedia of the Dog


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'PR' TCK's Angelica Pickles @ Wudnshu

Angelica is now retired and living the good life in Florida. She also works as a therapy dog in a long term care facility.

Check out photos of Angelica on the job!

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'PR' TCK's Suzie Carmichael @ Wudnshu

Suzie now lives with Katie in MN.

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CH. Flinthill's Blue Dahlia @ Wudnshu

Dahlia is the youngest UKC CH. at 7mos.
She us a blue & white Rat Terrier female proudly owned by Bonnie Turner & Teri Murphy
She represents the type we wish to see in our girls.

Dahlia currently resides at Flinthill.

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CH. Fourpaw's Wudnshu Glory

Glory is the FIRST coated outcross Champion (UKC). Glory is BAER bilateral normal, OFA Patellas normal.




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'PR' Wudnshu's Blair Witch Project

Blair is BAER bilateral Normal.



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Lil is pictured finishing her DFUSA puppy championship with a Group 1 in Raleigh, NC

'PR' TCK's Lil deVille @ Wudnshu

Lil has completed half her requirements towards her UKC Championship. She completed her DFUSA puppy Championship in 1999. Lil is BAER bilateral normal and patellas normal.

Lil is now retired to a pet home and lives a life of luxery amid Sphynx cats and a Chinese Crested.

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Flinthill's Wudnshu Special Moment

Brianne lives with Sharon Blair of Whipgrey Kennels . Brianne is BAER bilateral normal, OFA patellas normal.

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CH. Kidd's Wudnshu Magic

Magic is a Rat Terrier who will be used in our outcross program. 


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CH. Flinthill's Lady in Red @ Wudnshu

Red is a Dahlia x Robin daughter. She is a coated outcross. Red is BAER bilateral normal, DNA profiled.

View Red's Pedigree

Red now resides with Kathie Treacy of Blue Granite Kennels

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Wudnshu's Poetic Justice

PJ is OFA normal, BAER bilateral normal.

View PJ's Pedigree

PJ is now with Bonnie Turner at Flinthill Kennel

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Cindy Horizon's Miss CindyLouWho @ Wudnshu

Cindy is BAER bilateral normal, OFA patellas good, DNA profiled.

 View Cindy's Pedigree



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