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Helpful training, feeding, grooming and care hints.

I decided to write this section due to folks asking me what I did for my dogs. I give this information readily and hope you will find it helpful. My recommendation is that if something is working for you... don't change it ! This just happens to be what works for me.

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American Hairless Terrier

I feed Purina ONE Lamb and Rice adult dry kibble at this time. I have had my dogs on this food for a number of years now and they are doing well with it. It is the exact same formula as Pro Plan and another well known name that I can not remember at the moment... The food is made at the same plant and simply put into different bags and sold in different markets. If you feel the need to add a supplement, a multivitamin would be a good choice .  I prefer dry to canned as it is better for the health of their teeth. Another wonderful source of good protein is Red Barn dog food. It comes in a roll and is pure meat. I prefer the lamb and rice roll. Try to stay away from lots of rawhide chewies and the treats such as pig ears. They tend to eat them too fast and may choke on them when they become small enough to swallow instead of chew. This has caused many a dogs death. .... Please take them away when it nears that size, should you chose to give them to your dog .I do recommend Pedigree Denta Bones... they are completely edible and are very good for the teeth. Always give plenty of fresh water.


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American Hairless Terrier

Well, ...... the AHT sure does give a new meaning to the words "Wash and Dry " !!!! I am using the following products and have found that my dogs do very well with this routine. I bathe with Dial Plus Antibacterial hand soap. As you will be washing skin and not coat ... it is important to keep the skin clean and as free of any additives as is possible. I have found that the Dial Plus with its antibacterial properties is ideal for this purpose and it will leave just enough moisturizing softness behind to keep the skin as soft as a baby's bottom. :) There really isn't much need for anything else. The less you use the better, in my opinion. IF... you need to treat any area of irritation.... please ask your pharmacist to order you some ... Acid Mantle Cream.... This is not a prescription but is not kept with other skin products on the shelves... your pharmacist will be more than happy to order it for you . I use it after the bath. I tend to bathe once a week...


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American Hairless Terriers

This is one thing that the AHT's grow like weeds.... You will need to trim back EVERY week in order to keep the nails at a good length... You do not want them to get long as they will make the foot lose it's nice appearance. To me it is just plain unsightly... And if you let them get too long .. they can alter the dogs ability to walk properly.

Keeping toenails short is very important. If the nails are allowed to stay long, they can do damage to the way your dog is able to stand on his feet, and if not kept in check, they will continue to grow and can grow into the pad of your dogs foot. If your dog doesn't like you to cut his toenails with the conventional toenail clippers then using a Dremel, which is a small grinding device, available at Home Depot among many other places, works best. It comes with assorted sand papers and attachments. The sandpaper cylinder is the attachment for this job.

First let the Dremel run a short while on a table near the dog so they can get used to the “whirring sound.” Then, using the lowest speed setting, gently start grinding each nail. Just grind off a little at first until your dog gets used to it. Never grind into the nail’s vein because that is very painful to dogs. If your dog has dark nails and you cannot see the vein in the nail, then proceed slowly and remove a little and then a few days later you can remove some more because the vein recedes farther back in about 3 days.

Nail clippers can be difficult to use properly with a dog because it is easy for the dog to move its paw at the moment of clip resulting in a sharp cut to the nail’s vein and a lot of bleeding, sometimes profusely. Once you hurt your dog by cutting his vein, they never forget it.

The friction of grinding cauterizes any minor bleeding. Furthermore, it allows you to stop immediately as soon as you notice even the smallest scrape.

If your dog acts up during the session, do not praise him/her or try to comfort because that is interpreted by a dog as reward for that behavior. Just ignore bad behavior and only reward good behavior. Your dog should come around and not get so upset at even the thought of a nail treatment soon.

Hope this suggestion is of help.



File the dog's nails using an 80 grit manicurist's file (the kind for sculptured nails. I hold the dog in my lap and file away. I can get right up to the quick this way, and not go too far that it will bleed. You can tell you are at the quick by the center of the nail getting soft. Another benefit is you can file off all the rough, sharp edges leaving a nice smooth nail, great for therapy dogs.


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American Hairless Terrier


Because they are hairless you will need to be aware of the amount of direct sun exposure they get. For me... I personally use lightweight cotton T's that I purchase from JeT'aime Originals Email: Jetaime7@aol.com .......... Judy Bolduc. I have been buying her clothes for several years now and simply like her workmanship and professionalism in handling orders. She knows how I like the underbelly cut on the AHT items that I get from her... Tell her I sent you and to cut them like Teri has hers done :) In the winter I get polar fleece items from her... Phone : 1-207-786-0594 website : http://pageweb.com/jetaime7

I do not always put T's and PJ's on the dogs however, it will all depend on the amount of shade they have access to and how much of a tan they have built up .. I find they tend to burn in the early spring after having lost their tans during the winter months and when the trees are not yet in full foliage. But when trees are in full foliage and the dogs have built up a nice tan .. .. they can do remarkably well without much in the line of protection, providing there is access to shade... Even with access to shade... some are sun seekers and will love to sunbathe !!!! Those you must monitor :) I have not used sunscreen in a looooong time.... but if I did... I would use Avon skin so soft deer tick/ mosquito repellent sunscreen.. There are no harmful by products in that formula that can cause harm... .. I would NOT use the products that are like Water Babies or SP 45 water resistant formulas, I have heard for some horrible allergic reactions in other breeds of hairless dogs and for that reason would not recommend them.

I am not sure if the AHT is allergic to wool or lanolin as are other hairless breeds.. but since I also have Chinese Cresteds that are... I do not have them in my home.

Cold Weather Toileting and your AHT

From Wendy Simon

Living in WI it gets plenty cold here........many days below zero.   With my first AHT, Sammy I started out with a large piece of sod in the garage with an ex-pen around it. 
As he got use to going on it I started laying small pieces of an adult incontinent pad on the wet areas to get him used to a "new surface".  These guys are so smart and it's hard to fool them sometimes.  To be honest I guess if someone took my toilet away from me and gave me a bean can to go on I'd complain too!  :)
Eventually the whole sodded piece was covered with pieces of the pads and he finally started going on them, enabling me to remove the sod.  Now I have a large 6' X 8' area painted in the garage (so the urine won't soak thru) with 2-3 large incontinent pads atop it.  B/C I have all males I have office clips attached to plexi-glass against the wall side to protect it for when they hike their little legs.  (See Attached Pics)
In the inbetween weather they go outdoors in cement blocked pens..........which they would not go in at first.  So I brought some sand up from our beach and spread it around.........they readily went on it then and eventually the rain washed it away and by then they were used to going on the cement blocks.  So Wah-Lah..........Indoor, poddie-trained tundra na-kids!!
Hope this helps you!!



I think I have covered most of what you should know. I hope you will find this information useful and you have my permission to reprint for your private use.


It has been a pleasure .... If you have other questions.. please feel free to ask!
Thank you




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