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 Tali Waggins Bakery

Link Wudnshu Chinese Cresteds - please go visit my other love!
Link American Hairless Terrier Association - UKC licensed Parent Club
Link United Kennel Club
Link American Rat Terrier Association - UKC licensed, parent club
Link Flinthill Rat Terriers - Bonnie Turner, AHTs in Georgia
Link Blair's Rats & AHTs - Sharon Blair, AHTs in Alabama

Alydar Pointers and Chinese Cresteds - my daughter Rachael's website

Link Woodland Manor Kennel - Ryan & Karyn Pingel, AHTs in Florida. Great information about children's allergies and living with an AHT -Florida
Link Brucin's - AHTs in Ohio
Link Wildwind Farm & Kennel - Golden Retrievers owned by Sharon Chennette- my niece :-) CT
Link Kickapoo Kennel - Kelley Williams, AHTs in Texas
Link Fireworks Kennel - AHTs in Texas
Link Wade's AHTs - Patty Wade, AHTs in Arizona
Link Kristi & Sweet Lucy's Site - Lots of great info, including allergy info from someone who knows!
Link Liberty Kennel - AHTs in  Central Florida
Link Max's Page - AHT in Chicago
Link Laddy's Homepage - AHT in northwestern Indiana
Link Teddy Terriers - Brianne Simms, Indiana
Link Annie's Rat Terrier Links - Most extensive RT links website
Link Annie's Rat Terrier Message Board
Link Lynlin's Chinese Cresteds - Lakeland, Florida
Link Fourpaws - Donna Sullivan, Rat Terriers in Connecticut
Link LINKS - Link page from my other website
Link Digi-Art - Portraits on artist canvas. I personally have some of his artwork hanging in my home and it is Gorgeous !! Also see "Joe" on the boys page and on More AHT Photos
Link Dog Portraits on Acrylic - This is awesome - the resemblance is remarkable. Artist: Karen Bunker Also see More AHT Photos for an example of my Dee
Link Jean's Dog Shop - a Fabulous site for hand crafted products by Artist Jean M. Fitzgerald ..a MUST to see ! Take a look at some done with AHT's: AHT's by Jean
Link Tenterfield Terriers - an Australian terrier that bears remarkable resemblance to the Rat Terriers. - Excellent site!

Bear's Page - AHT in Ohio owned by Jen and Travis

Link Focus On Dogs - All the latest news about dogs, along with the best links and resources, ranked by popularity.
Link Goldenrod Kennels - AHTS in Maryland
Link Kennel Bay's Bushyfur - AHTs in Finland. The FIRST AHT's in Europe!!!!
Link I-Love-Dogs - Lots of dog related links and free webtools
Link Working Dog Web - Nine Canine Guides, Dog Search Engine, Freebies, Books & More!
Link UKC Breeds & Abbreviations - Great reference site
Link Coat Color Genetics - Why is your dog that color? What is color versus pattern? This site will tell you!

                 *NEW AHT SITES ADDED*
     To add yours please email me at teri@ahtdogs.com .  Please add mine to yours
                                           www.ahtdogs.com   Thanks !   Teri

LinkRomana's AHTs   AHTs in Czech Republic  * Under Construction *
Link  Kidd Kennel     AHTs and Rat Terriers in NC
LinkWillow Wind AHTs-  AHTs in Wisconsin
Link Sin Pelo  AHTs   AHTs in SC
Link AHTs In the UK     Michaels website- UK
Link Bay's Bushyfur    AHTs and  PIOs in Finland
Link KYAHTs    AHTs in Kentucky
LinkSari and Ari's Dogs   AHTs  in Finland
LinkTriumph Kennel   AHTs in NJ
LinkRamirez Nekkidz (& Ratz) AHTs and Rat Terriers in Kansas

Link Dog Expo    AHT in St Petersburg, Russia
LinkSathy     Association of Finnish Enthusiasts of American Working Dogs

Link3 Bear Farm- Rat Terriers and AHT in Vermont
Link BlueGranite Kennel    AHTs and Rat Terriers- SC
Link Wendy 's AHTs    and much more
LinkBarefax Chinese Cresteds & one AHT!  in Oregon

LinkNakey Dog Duds   clothing made just for the  AHT body !!
LinkCasa Condi- Southeast Texas
LinkKeoghs Kennels  AHTs in Canada  (West Coast)
LinkKeoghs Nakidy Knits  Cool outwear for your nakid wonders

LinkCalliope Kennels  AHTs in Florida

LinkStarfire  AHTs in Kansas

Link Funny AHT Video - you will see a 4 minute video beginning with a series of pictures followed by a Video footage of "Dermis", (American Hairless Terrier) owned by Jean Searing, playing with her Friend's (Drew's) Dog "Duncan" who is an English Mastiff.
Dermis was about 6 months old when this was shot and Duncan was about 5 years old. 
Dermis is now 1 year old and he came from Bonnie Turner, in GA. 

LinkRiverView Kennel Rat Terriers and AHTs in Ohio
LinkWhite's AHTs  TN

Link Poochville AHTs  Olympia, WA

 Link CURIO AHTs in the United Kingdom





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