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My sisters call me bubble girl because of all of my allergies (they think I should live in a bubble.) Lizzie (my AHT) is the first dog I’ve been able to have that can sleep on my pillow and not cause so much as a sniffle. I’m so glad to finally have a pet and how lucky I am that she’s an AHT which is a great breed for families. They are playful, loyal, alert and loving. I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

Maria E. Perez ceelyperez@comporium.net

Lizzie the American Hairless Terrier


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My boyfriend and I got one (Danny) because of allergies and it was the best thing we could have ever done. They are great dogs...playful and full of energy, but also very affectionate and loving.

Julia juliam921@yahoo.com


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Dear Teri,

I offer the following testimonial about my family and Gadget, the AHT we got 2 years ago from Edwin Scott.

I have not owned a dog for over 30 years. The last time I owned a dog, I had to give it up for adoption because of allergies. My allergies to dogs are so bad that I even have trouble visiting with friends who have dogs in their homes. My husband is also allergic and my son has severe asthma. We gave up all hope of ever owning a dog. About three years ago, my son and daughter started begging to own a dog. We explained over and over again that we could not own a dog.

The kids finally started to realize that we probably would not get a real dog they started saving their money for a robotic dog they found on the Internet. I started doing some research on the Internet for dogs for people with allergies. I came across a listing of breeds that some people seemed to be able to tolerate. I started calling friends and friends of friends and arranging visits with dogs on the list. I had problems with all of the dogs on the list.

Then one night I came across some information on the web about the American Hairless Terrier. I was pretty pessimistic about the dogs because I had trouble with all of the other breeds recommended for people with allergies. I did some more research and called the originator of the breed, Edwin Scott in Louisiana. I visited a breeder in Maryland. We all held the dogs and rubbed our faces on the dogs. We stayed at the breeders for a good hour. We left and waited for two days. We never had any problems.

We were ecstatic!!! We bought our puppy in April 2001. At first we were very cautious and did not allow Gadget to get on the furniture or go near the bedrooms. We gave him a bath every three days. After a few months( and potty training!!!) I found Gadget in bed with my son one night. We have never had any problems. Now Gadget sleeps with us and he is allowed on the sofa too. He is the most cuddly, lovable, smart, fun dog we could have ever hoped for!!!! He loves to learn and we take him everywhere with us - camping, kayaking, hiking,etc. We feel so lucky to have found this breed!!! I would highly recommend trying a session with an AHT owner if you are allergic and want to own a dog.

Peggy Wortman peggy@imarketingsolutions.com


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As you know, I'm one of those severely allergic to dogs, they are my very worst allergy. Finding AHT's has been like a miracle to me! For the first time in my life I can have a pet - and the added bonus is that these are the cutest, most loving, full of personality, and cuddly dogs I have ever seen. Mojo does not bother me at all. Teegy will sometimes make my eyes itch a little if I make the mistake of rubbing them after petting/holding her, but her breeding background is suspect, she didn't come from one of the reputable breeders here on this group and no father was listed on her papers. My usual allergic reactions to dogs are watering eyes, sneezing, pouring nose, coughing and wheezing, itchy throat, and hives if a dog licks me. It is just so amazing that I have none of this with the AHT. And it is indescribable how wonderful it is to have dogs when you've had to avoid them completely all of your life.

Judy jkbeymer@hotmail.com


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this is just a note to explain how Adam ( the nude ) has changed our families household. We have never been able to have A dog or cat in our home due to my allergies. I always found myself playing with everybody else's dogs and then washing up afterwards if I did not wash up I would break out in hives and my eyes would start to swell up and then my asthma would start in if I did not remove myself from the dog or cat.

I could not breath or see within the hour. I can't say that Adam does not bother me at all but nothing like a dog with hair I can hold him without the hives I can lay with him in my face his saliva does not bother my skin, his dander is nothing like that of a dog with hair I still find I have to wash my hands after I play with him but if I don't I notice right away then my eyes start to react A little bit nothing like hairy dog


. Once I notice and wash it's in control within ten minutes it's great! I am so glad that I have the chance to have a dog in our home it's not only great for me the kids can't believe it all 6 of them. Although I could not have Adam sleep with me the kids love it when he does sleep with them they often argue who is going to bring him to bed but in the end he decides the youngest one ( 12 ) is the warmest of them all. My allergies are so severe that I have been hospitalized in the past due to not being able breath I think the worst was my birthday I was 7 or 8 and my parents took me horse back ridding not realizing my allergies. I was rushed to the hospital and stayed 2 nights they could not believe the reaction they thought I was going to die. I passed out I could not breath. I woke the next day in the hospital only to find out what had happened. I hope this was of some help for you to grasp how much it means to us to have the nude dude in our lives. Thanks again for such A wonderful little guy.

John Heller jheller1@uswest.net


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Dear Teri,

Eight months ago I wrote you asking you about information regarding AHT rescues. We had just lost our beloved Rottie, Bruiser and were ready for a new dog. At that time you directed us to a lovely family in Colorado and through that endeavor we got our AHT, Kimmie. Well the last eight months have been absolutely awesome. Never in my life could I have ever imagined that we could have fallen in love with a dog as much as we have with Kimmie. She is awesome! You would have thought that after this much time the newness would have worn off, but it's stronger today than it was last year. She is truly another family member, my fifth kid.

We rearrange our work schedule so that she in not left alone, she sleeps w/us, in fact, the kids and I will snatch her out of each others bed so that we can have her with us. When she got sick this winter, my husband left a business meeting so that he could join us at the vet.

This month several families with AHT are getting together from the Midwest to have a AHT picnic with our 'nakids'. A term coined by one of the families. Enclosed is a picture of Kimmie that I printed onto transferable paper and ironed onto a t-shirt for the picnic. Isn't she a cutie!!!
Well this long overdue letter is to thank you again for our pup.

Very Sincerely,
Helen Guertin jguertin@wi.rr.com


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So my parents came to visit this weekend. Part of the reason we got an AHT was that my parents are allergic to animal dander and asked us not to replace our cat when she died.

Well we cleaned the house first from top to bottom and yesterday I gave both dogs baths. It seemed to work.

For the first time ever my father was able to not only come into our house but to eat with us in our home and afterwards hang out in our living room without being overcome by allergies. My father was able to see his grandson's room and read him stories.


Pixel danced around and was delightfully sociable. He was so happy everyone had come to see him! My folks were incredibly taken with him. And my sister now is contemplating getting a dog...Pooka, sadly was banished to the downstairs, since she is quite furry and LOVES to lean into guests.

Still overall an amazing success!

Deb Kayson, PhD dkaysen@attbi.com


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Just checking out your new site and reading the testimonials about all the people with allergies that have AHT's. We have been blessed with Marley in our lives for almost four years now. I have never had any reaction with Marley either, which is such a miracle to me. Andy and I say everyday how if it weren't for my allergies we probably would have never known about AHT's. I guess my allergy was a blessing after all. We don't know what we would do with out Marley. Our life was so boring before him. We are planning a play date with the Woodland Kennel in Tampa soon. Can't wait to see Mar with other Aht's. Should be so cute! Just wanted to say thanks! Love, Christi, Andy and Marley

Thought we would send you a pic of Mar. Of course, he sleeps with us. Even when we get up in the morning Marley will stay under the covers sleeping for hours. I took this pic one Saturday morning after we had been up for hours. I pulled the covers back and this is what I found! Funny LOL!

Christi Smith lovie29@earthlink.net





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