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At WudNshu ( pronounced 'wooden shoe' ) we strive to produce  a line of dogs that are healthy, in mind and body. In order to do this we will be doing certain health clearances on all our breeding stock. This will not necessarily eliminate all problems, but it will help us to work toward the goal of producing far fewer genetic problems. I strongly encourage you to do your homework and ask for the best. The best does not mean who breeds, shows, advertises or  claims to be the most knowledgeable, but are those who care enough to do what is best for the breed and it's future by doing what is needed now!!

Please enjoy your visit to my website. You will find many informative breed articles, a large photo gallery, our dogs, puppies and much more. Use the navigation at the top or you may work from our site map if you prefer or if our drop down navigation will not work in your browser. The top navigation is at the top of each page and the site map link is at the bottom of each page along with next/back/home buttons that will take you on a tour of this website. Page navigation on the bottom may be controlled via access keys as well (ALT + underlined first letter, then Enter). Also you may search our site by entering the search terms below. All external links will open in a new window so you won't lose your place here. Feel free to explore! Inquiries and comments are welcome - just email us.


American Hairless Terriers

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